Lecturer's Précis - Kleist (1934)


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Kleist (1934)

Karl Kleist (1879-1960) was a German neurologist who compiled a comprehensive functional mapping of the cerebral cortex from the case notes of some 1600 World War I head-wound casualties.

Kleist's (1934) Cortical Localisation: Diagram (a) shows the lateral aspect of the left hemisphere, and diagram (b) the medial. Each entry shows Kleist's judgement as to that area's function, together with the corresponding Brodmann's Number. Note the concentration of primitive functions (olfactory and affective) around the limbic lobe (medial aspect, stippled). Note also the attribution of "subjective experience" to the cingulate gyrus.

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[Kleist's 1934 Functional Map]

Redrawn from the English translation in Luria (1973:24), after Kleist (1934). This version Copyright © 2002, Derek J. Smith.



Kleist, K. (1934). Gehirnpathologie. Leipzig: Barth. [Access to this work is difficult outside specialist libraries, but there seems to be a recent Spanish compilation of Kleist's work in Biblioteca Gador's History of Psychiatry series, if interested.]

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