50 Real Clever Words for Psychology Students


Number #1 - Aesthesis



The original Greek word in Greek lettering is αϊσθησις

recommended pronunciation

The original Greek word in English lettering is aisthesis

The word as adopted into English is aesthesis (U.K.)/esthesis (U.S.)

artificial aesthesis in the movies


Ancient Greek psychologists such as Aristotle used the word αϊσθησις for the end-to-end processes of sensation, perception, and consciousness. They saw it as the input side of cognition as a whole, by which the mind - the psyche [see Word #2] - monitored what is happening in the outside world. As such, aesthesis is a significantly broader notion than mere sensory stimulation, and is therefore fundamental to all theories of perception. There are also a number of useful derivative words ...

         aesthete, someone who (often in a geekish way) is a fan of beautiful things [irritatingly, there is no corresponding single word for people turned on by ugly things].

         aestheta, the thing which, having been sensed, is that of which we are consciously aware.

         aestheterion, any of the body's sensory apparatuses.

         somaesthesis, the sensation of touch originating from the soma, the body.

         kinaesthesis, the sensation of movement originating in the muscles and joints.

         anaesthesia, the lack of sensation caused by being given an anaesthetic.

         aesthetics, the study of the perception of the goodness-badness of works of art [this word will be getting its own entry in due course, so no more on it for the moment].


Firstly, because many of the problems set out in Aristotle's (ca. 350 BCE) De Anima have never been solved, and are as fresh today as they ever were. So using the original Greek terminology demonstrates a willingness to go back to basics and consider the big picture.

Secondly, because psychological science has not yet finished with aesthesis. Nowadays, for example, a thorough understanding of biological aesthesis is required by those working on machine aesthesis, that is to say, in the sciences of robotics, AI, and AC [= artificial consciousness]. To see some typical employment opportunities simply browse <job opportunities in machine vision>.


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50 Real Clever Words for Psychology Students


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