50 Real Clever Words for Psychology Students


Number #5 - Objektiv



One of the meanings of the German noun Objektiv corresponds to the English word Objective in microscope design, where it refers to those components of the overall lens system closest to the object under inspection. When applied to the psychology of perception it describes the visual scene made available to consciousness - and this is typically significantly different from the visual scene as presented to the retina. Use the word italicised so as to indicate its foreign word status, and pronounce it as <ob - yekt - eev>.


In 1902 the Austrian philosopher Alexius Meinong [Wikipedia biography] argued that the internal representation of the outside world was followed by - and fundamentally different from - "judgement", that is to say, from assessments of the truth of something. He was particularly fascinated by our ability to judge on representations of things which in fact do not exist, e.g., for-the-sake-of-argument objects such as a square circle or "the golden mountain", etc., Meinong coined the term Objektiv for such "objects of judgement". The resulting ability to imagine and test complex relational possibilities prior to committing to a particular behavioural response HAS A VERY HIGH SURVIVAL VALUE.


There is still no major philosophical or psychological agreement as to how perception works, with major theories going back to Ancient Greek thinkers such as Plato. In the meantime, a thorough understanding of the relationship between retinal input, past experience, and present context is required by those working on machine brains, that is to say, in the sciences of robotics, AI, and AC [= artificial consciousness]. To see some typical employment opportunities simply browse <machine vision research assistant>.


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50 Real Clever Words for Psychology Students


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